Tuberculosis : Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Tuberculosis : Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Tuberculosis is a far reaching affliction that affect your lungs. It is a bacterial infection that is caused by bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks your lungs. With the advancement in medicine it is possible to treat Tuberculosis. However, it is also a fact that Tuberculosis is among the diseases that have very high death ratio. Therefore, it is important to understand that Tuberculosis must be diagnosed as earlier as possible so that treatment can be processed in order to save life of not only the individual who is suffering from Tuberculosis but also other because it can spread though air. Because life is only meaningful if we have a sound health.

Tuberculosis : Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


The main root cause of Tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Being near to person who is already suffering from tuberculosis can also make you its affecter because it can easily spread through tiny droplets in air. Therefore, it is highly important for the patient of tuberculosis that he must take care of spreading disease to other.


  • A continuous temperature (fever) that is distressful
  • Your body start to become faint and weaker due to this
  • Cough for an extended duration of more than two weeks.
  • Severe pain in your chest.
  • Sweating of body especially at night.
  • Unusual loss of the weight


There are very serious and painful effects of Tuberculosis. You overall health become poor and unhealthy. Due to continuous weakness of body, the patient of tuberculosis can not perform his activities properly and effectively. He has to avoid his own close relations so that they  might not get affected to it. Therefore, apart from physical problems associated with tuberculosis, there are also its emotional and psychological adverse effects. Therefore, everyone must take care of their health so that all us are safe from any kind of health issue. This would lead to an overall health and fitness of everyone.


For the diagnosis of Tuberculosis, doctors undergo different tests according to symptoms and complications of the patients. So the first thing is whenever you feel any of the symptoms given above you must consult your doctor at the very earlier phase. Avoid procrastination and delaying because it can have hazardous results. Tests like Rapid diagnostic test are considered fine and accurate by the health experts in order to diagnose tuberculosis. These tests are further proceeded with some more tests such as tuberculin skin test to get further details about the disease. The process of diagnosis of tuberculosis is much more complicated in children than patient with more age.


As we know that the diseases caused by bacteria are treated with antibiotics. Same is the case in tuberculosis. Different antibiotics such as Isoniazid, Ethambutol, Pyrazinamide accompanied with rifampin and streptomycin are used by doctors in the treatment of tuberculosis. In case tuberculosis does not become fine then it is concluded that it is a drug-resistant TB. So in this case the strategy of treatment of complicated and costly. Its treatment is very limited and lacking. Only 30 to 40 percent patients are able to get treatment in this regard.


In conclusion, it is a sad reality that tuberculosis is becoming a serious health disease of  this era. There is an urge need in the development and availability of treatment access to all the human beings which should regardless of any factor. Health institutions around the globe are doing good job but there is more need of attention in this regard by the governments as well. Therefore, we on individual level also play our effective role in following the guidelines by heath authorities. Only in this way we can overcome this disease.

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