Top 10 Health Issues of Today’s World

Top 10 Health Issues of Today’s World

Top 10 health issues of today's world


The globe is facing numerous health issues today. Due to which the death ratio is increasing day by day. There is an urgent need of taking appropriate steps in order to control the expansion of these issues. Because without proper health there is no meaning of life. Life is beautiful and enjoyable only if you have healthy lifestyle. Below is a detailed explanation of Top 10 Health Issues of Today’s World.


Obesity is a disease which is simply defined as becoming overweight. Numerous other health issues are associated directly or indirectly with obesity. It is a root of most of the health issues of today’s era. The basic cause of obesity is eating and eating without any restriction which is followed by not doing exercise. Due to obesity danger of cardiac failure also become more. The scale of judgment of obesity is crossing your body mass index designed by health experts of the globe.


Diabetes is emerging as serious health issue. It is basically increasing of sugar level in your blood. The root cause of diabetes is lack in production of insulin by pancreas. Due to diabetes one can suffer drastic issues such as harming your blood vessels in  heart and other organs of body.


Depression is a state of mind when one has no interest towards his life. Life seems to meaningless and boring. The energy level of individual becomes low. Depression cause frustration and lack of sleep. Depression has become a common issues of today’s age. Extreme Depression is root cause for the suicidal thoughts.

4.Sexual Health Issues

Sexual health issues are becoming very common now a days. This include premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. There are several factors behind these issues. But the point is that proper diet and medication you can overcome this issue. Sexual health issues not only disturbs you relationship with your partner but also makes you frustrate and lead to anxiety and other mental health issues.


Cancer is defined as growth of uncontrollable cells in different parts of body. There is abnormal and abrupt growth of cells which are not controllable. Causes of cancer include excessive consumption of alcohol, living in polluted air and not having balanced healthy diet. The most common types of cancer include Blood Cancer, Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer. The type of cancer depends upon which organ is effected.

6.Cardiac Issues

Heart has become a key organ which is facing numerous issues. It is defined as when heart is effected. The most common and highly spreading issue is heart failure. The common causes of heart failure include diabetes, obesity, excessive smoking and intake of alcohol at high level. Chest pain is an initial symbol that you are going to face cardiac issue.

7.Kidney Issues

Kidney is one of the important organ of body that is essential in normal functioning of whole body. But sadly kidney is also facing issues now a days. Kidney issues can be of two levels that is either at the initial stage of issue or the extended stage that is fatal. Any kidney issue can make your blood impure causing further complications. You have to face an overall disturbed health if you are suffering with any of the kidney issue.

8.Respiratory issues

Respiratory issues are defined as issues that are associated with your lungs or respiratory system. The biggest problem you face is shortness of breath. Whenever you indulge yourself in any kind of exercise you are unable to complete that . Rather you become tensed and you start loosing your weight.

9.Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are defined as disease which are connected with mind. The common mental health issues observed today are anxiety and depression. Mental health issues disturb your overall health and lifestyle. Your relationships are highly effected by this. Furthermore, Mental health issues have become very common now a days.


Tuberculosis is a chronic disease that damages your lungs. It is mostly caused by a type of bacteria. It is spreading day by day with pace. You face severe cough and feel lack of energy in doing your daily tasks. It is a very serious issue.


Issue is issue whether its associated with brain, heart, lungs or any other part of body. Important is that how we deal with that issue. There is no doubt that we are facing a large number of health issues but with utmost dedication and healthy lifestyle we can overcome these issues with a passage of time.

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