Role of Technology in Health and Fitness

Role of Technology in Health and Fitness


The advancement and innovation in technology has improved and eased almost all the domains of life including health and fitness. If we compare ourselves with the people of history we can see that we are equipped with such an innovative form of technology that has become very beneficial in saving our time.

Role of technology in health

For example with the help of this mobile phone we can get hundreds of ways to improve our healthy by just sitting at the home. Moreover, with the help of this we can get directions to  perform any of the workout direction and details. Therefore, we can say that technology has played very positive role in improving our health and fitness.

1. Health care Apps

With the advancement in the technology, there has been great developments in health and fitness sector. Heath care apps such as Fitness, Samsung Health and  Home workout are very effective and useful in the improvement of overall health and fitness of individuals. These apps help in monitoring you daily routine and details about your physical activities. In this way you can also set goals for yourself which would be very beneficial for you in order to develop overall healthy lifestyle.

2. Monitoring of health with devices

The technology has helped a lot in creating ease for monitoring of health. For example, health care devices are designed to monitor your health by sitting just at your home. For example if we talk about Diabetes devices, they are very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. They can check their sugar level of blood by a small device sitting at the home. Similarly, the blood pressure device is also an effective tool for all of us to check our blood pressures by just sitting at home. Furthermore, there are also many other devices also which are very useful and easy to use in monitoring the overall health.


3. Virtual Guidance: 

In today’s world technology has made our lives very easy and fast. Whatever guidance we need is just a click away. It is not necessary that you have to go to gym in order to perform workout. With the help of the virtual guide we can perform these activities by just sitting at the home without any huge cost. In this way we can improve our health very easily if we are determined to do so.

4. Enhancement of Patient care: 

The patient care has become very advanced and effective with the inclusion of technology. There is an increase in the speed of caring the patients from the past because of the technology. The machines used for patient care are becoming fast day by day which is saving a lot of time. Therefore, more number of patients can be taken care of in a very shorter span of time. Also with the help of modern devices most of the health care issues  are just seconds away of diagnosis and treatment.

5. Reduction in Expenses of Health Care cost

The major issue of health care and fitness in the past was that it was out of the range of poor people because they can not afford that but today with the use of technology it has become less costly. Therefore, all of us have greater access towards taking care of our health and fitness. Therefore, we must accept that technology has played a positive role in overall improvement of the health standards.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that with the advancement in technology healthcare and fitness has become very fast and less expensive. But the important thing to understand is that the technology should be used appropriately in order to get good results instead of any risk factor associated to it because technology is only useful if it is used positively.


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