Respiratory Diseases : Its Causes, Bold Symptoms and Treatment

Respiratory Diseases : Its Causes, Bold Symptoms and TreatmentRespiratory Diseases : Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Respiratory disease are illnesses that are connected with lungs and other parts of respiratory system. These diseases are also among the highest percentage death causing in the United States. Overall, there are several causes of respiratory diseases which include  smoking and polluted air.


The 2 most common respiratory disease are:


  • Introduction

Asthma is an extensive condition in which the pathways that are air tubes are affected. The function of these tubes is to carry in and carry out the air. In this condition there is swallowing of tubes due to which the passage between them is limited due to which there is facing of problem in inhaling and exhaling the air. There is production of extra mucus in this disease.

  • Causes
  1.  Any form of allergy can lead to asthma.
  2. Background of asthma in family can also cause it again.
  3. Being passive smoker for a long time can also affect you in causing asthma.
  4. Infections in your respiratory system can also lead to asthma.
  5. Air Pollution is also a major cause of asthma.
  • Symptoms
  1. Feeling a kind of force on your chest
  2. Feeling issues in breathing
  3. Feeling of shortness of breath whenever you try to exercise.

  • Effects
  1. Low energy level and feeling tired every time
  2. Skin start to sweat unusually which is not common.
  3. Feeling of fear and worry all the time
  • Treatment

There are no exact treatment for asthma which can be followed for permanent treatment of asthma but with certain ways it can be controlled to some extent. The most common way of treatment is use of inhalers. However, there can be use of medication if the disease is severe. Basically, asthma is a disease which can not be cured but can managed by given ways.


  • Introduction 

Pneumonia is an infection in which there is swelling and puffiness in your lungs. It is not necessary that pneumonia can affect your both lungs. It can either affect one lung or both lungs. Pneumonia is caused by bacterial or fungal infection.

  • Causes 
  1. Flu
  2. Common Cold
  3. Bacterial and Fungal Infections in the air
  4. Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  • Symptoms
  1.  Feeling high temperature (fever)
  2. Severe pain in your abdomen
  3. The color of skin start to become bluish
  4. State of not feeling hungry
  5. Increase in heart beat of individual.
  6. Muscular pain and headache.
  • Effects

There can be very harsh effects of Pneumonia faced by its patients. A long term Pneumonia can cause mental health problems such as  depression and sadness. You feel frustrated and have a confused mental state all the time. Furthermore, you can also face organ failure issues also. You remain in a state of confusion all the time. You also face psychological health issues and challenges due to Pneumonia. Therefore, it must be diagnosed at early and appropriate steps must be taken in order to treat Pneumonia.

  • Treatment

The treatment of Pneumonia depends upon the cause of Pneumonia. For instance, if you are facing Pneumonia that is caused by bacterial infection than you need to take antibiotic. Similarly if you are suffering from Pneumonia caused Fungi you will be prescribed with antifungal medicines. If you are unable to overcome this disease by given methods then you can also be undergone with surgery by your doctor. In this way chances of Pneumonia to attack you back would be diminished.


In conclusion, respiratory diseases are becoming very serious now a days. A large number of population is suffering from either of the respiratory disease. There is a high need of diagnosis of respiratory disease at very earlier stage and further treatment in appropriate steps. So that the globe as a whole live a healthy life.

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