Obesity: Its Root Causes, Aftereffects and Possible Treatment 

Obesity- Its Root Causes, Aftereffects and Possible Treatment 


Obesity is defined as a condition in which body is deposited with uncontrolled fat. The state of becoming overweight from the prescribed body mass index is known as obesity. It is becoming drastic issue day by day as it is associated with several other diseases also.

Causes of Obesity

There are several causes of obesity. But the most important are below

  • Avoiding Exercise and Physical Activities

The basic cause of obesity is not giving time to yourself. Whenever we just keep on eating and eating and not giving proper attention towards physical activities we suffer from obesity also known as overweight.

  • Eating Unhealthy and Limitless Eating

Our Diet is the most important aspect of our health. So people who keep on eating and eating unhealthy food gain to much weight which is dangerous for them.

Obesity- Its Root Causes, Aftereffects and Possible Treatment 

  • Taking too much Stress

Stress is also cause of obesity. Whenever our mind is highly stressed we start to gain weight due to which our health become poor day by day.

  • Disturbed Sleep

An adequate deep sleep is also part of healthy lifestyle. Whenever our sleep is disturbed we face obesity along with other psychological issues.

After Effects of Obesity

Overweight also bring some of the other free diseases along with it. These consequences are faced by almost all the people who are overweight. These are actually effects of being overweight. Below are some of the most common consequences that are taking birth due to obesity:

  • Psychological Consequences

Psychological problems such as hypertension and depression are also implications of obesity. Whenever you become overweight you become depressed which lead to other metal health issues also.

  • Heart Diseases

Several health diseases such as stroke and other cardiac failures are also the aftereffects of being overweight. Excessive fat start to gather in your arteries which become hazardous for your heart.

  • Sexual health Issues

It has been observed that in most cases people who are suffering from any kind of sexual health issues are overweight. Sexual health issues such as infertility has root cause of obesity.


So in order to get rid of obesity the first thing you need to do is become dedicated and focused in losing your weight. There is a lot of effort required to become normal. It may be also slow process and you also might become frustrated but you need not to lose hope and keep working hard until you achieve your goal of having a certain prescribed weight by health expert’s body mass index. Below are few effective methods of treating obesity:

  • Exercise

Exercise and workout is the best method to treat obesity. Most of the health issues we are facing today are due to lack of exercise and walk. Therefore, if you are committed in losing your weight you need to give time to exercise and workout. One of the best way of getting healthy is exercise.

  • Healthy Diet

Diet is also a significant component in treatment of obesity. You need to design your diet pan with the guidance of health expert. You need to eat fresh and healthy balanced diet in which there are less calories. This is the most effective way of seeing clear changes in your weight.

  • Surgery

Surgery is also an option for the treatment of obesity.  But this should be the last option. You should only go for surgery if you are unable to get results from exercise and diet or either your weight has increased to a greater extent that can cause serious health issues.


Obesity is indeed an urging issue of the present day. We are neglecting it which has very serious implications. Several other diseases are associated with obesity and overweight. Therefore, we must exercise regularly, intake healthy diet in order to get rid of obesity.


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