Mental Health Issues: Its Basic Causes, Alarming Symptoms and Treatment

Mental Health Issues: Its Basic Causes, Alarming Symptoms and Treatment.

Mental Health Issues: Its causes, Symptoms and Treatment.


The most toxic and painful legacy that the young generation of 21st century is carrying is mental health issues. Mental health is a highly significant in the overall health of any individual. The most destructive part of mental health issue is that is disturbs your overall emotional and psychological health which not only disturb your close relationships but also makes your life full of tensions and problems. There is possible treatment of mental illnesses but the problem is that we neglect our mental and feel these issues as normal part of life. Below are 2 widely spread mental health issues, its causes, symptoms and possible treatment.

Mental Disorders


In today’s world majority of the population is facing depression due to different causes. Depression is basically a continuous state of feeling sad and dim. It has very drastic effects in overall health and fitness. It deviates the way you live your life such as way of thinking.


  • Avoiding gatherings and Friend’s Company
  • Being alienated most of time
  • Feeling tired and dizzy
  • Lack of Energy
  • Feeling annoyed and irritated
  • Feeling Downhearted and despaired
  • Having issues in sleeping. Either sleeping too much or unable to sleep


  • Unwanted life experience ( An event that caused stress and disruption to you )
  • Intake of high alcohol can also lead to depression
  • If anyone among your family has faced depression then there are high chances that you would also face that in your life
  • Any trauma that was highly painful can also become root cause of depression in any individual.
  • A loss you faced which was highly important to you can also lead to depression.


The good thing about depression is that it can be treated. But it a difficult process, the first thing is to become committed and dedicated that you are going to overcome this darker phase life. Afterwards, the first thing you need to do is give time to yourself. Exercise regularly. Spend time with the people who are closer to you.

Try to share your feelings with. Consult and get proper guidance from psychologist. Also improve your diet by eating fresh healthy and organic food. Listening to yourself and talking can also b beneficial to overcome depression. If there is a need you can also go for psychotherapy which is very treatment for fighting against depression.


Anxiety is a type mental health issue which is defined as feeling of fear and nervousness in process of completing any task. An individual who is facing anxiety is in state of tension. There are different types of anxiety that can effect you. There is not fixed time span for anxiety. If someone is facing anxiety again and again then it can have serious consequences.


  • Heart start to beat at abnormal pace.
  • Body start to sweat a lot.
  • Pain in the head ( headache)
  •  Feeling less concentrated.
  • Being frustrated
  • Overthinking


  • Taking more than the required stress
  • High level of sugar ( Diabetes)
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Memory of trauma from the past
  • Feeling depressed and dim.


There are different ways by which anxiety can be treated. This include using OF relaxation techniques given by health experts, giving proper time to exercise such as walk and breathing  for long phases. Also you need to feel yourself worthy and self confidence because you feel anxious when you start to believe that you are below others. You need to give worth to yourself. Furthermore, if the anxiety is severe then you can also use antidepressants and anti anxiety medication for treatment.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that Depression and Anxiety are becoming serious mental health issue day by day. We must take these issues seriously and join hands together by helping each other to fight against these issues that are darkening our lives. With proper treatment we can overcome these issues.


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