Insomnia: Its Basic Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Insomnia: Its Basic Symptoms, Causes and Treatment



Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that we are facing today. It is basically a state in which one is unable to sleep properly and also face difficulty in falling asleep. As we know that sleep is very essential for healthy and fit lifestyle and if you are unable to get quality sleep then you would definitely suffer a lot regarding your health. It disrupts your physical as well as mental health. Therefore, this issue of insomnia is a serious threat for our health. Therefore, if you feel that if are suffering from any of the symptoms of insomnia you need to take appropriate treatment to overcome this issue.


The symptoms for insomnia are following:

  • Feeling very difficult in falling asleep for very long after going to bed
  • Becoming awake in the mid of your sleep and unable to get back to it
  • Interrupted and sleep full of fatigue that do not refresh you
  • Overthinking while lying on bed for a longer period of time
  • Unable to concentrate on any thing rather feel frustrations and fatigue.
  • Due to the poor sleep pattern feeling tired and inactive during the day.


The major causes of insomnia are given below

  • History of some sort of trauma faced
  • Mental illness such as stress and anxiety
  • Change of location which means setting at a new place such hostel or a new home can also be the cause of insomnia
  • Using medicine without the prescription of doctors at your own can also become a cause of insomnia
  • Using tea or coffee in the evening or eating too much can also lead you towards insomnia.
  • Diseases such as heart problems and diabetes can also become a become distraction in your sleep.


Insomnia can have very serious effects such as causing depression. This is because depression and sleeplessness are interconnected to each other. When you are facing trouble in falling quality sleep you would definitely be depressed. Also insomnia can lead you towards alcohol and smoking habits. Moreover your overall routine life would become disturb which would also affect your close relationships such as family and friends. You would feel your body tired and fatigued in your work time. This would lead you towards poor work performance and lack of concentration towards any activity you are performing.


The most important thing about any disease is its treatment. Insomnia is a treatable sleep disorder. There are multiple options in this regard. The most basic method is use of natural remedies to overcome sleep issues such as having massage of natural oils. This method is highly effective and useful. But in case the issue of insomnia is at chronic stage you can be prescribed with medication also. But remember that you should consult your doctor before using any of medicines for sleep issue. This is because this can have very severe complications. Do not try to become doctor by yourself.

Lastly, there are also very effective therapies also for the treatment of insomnia such as relaxing therapy, meditation and cognitive therapy. The treatment depend upon the level and stage of insomnia. Therefore, if you are feeling any of the symptom regarding sleep issue you need to consult your doctor very early and have proper recommended treatment for that so that you have to face neither of any complications.


In conclusion, this is a fact that Insomnia is becoming very common now  a days in our generation that need serious attention. Therefore, it should not be neglected rather it should be treated with utmost dedication and attention. So that our overall health should also be fit and healthy.


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