Diabetes: Its 2 types, symptoms, Effects and Treatment

Diabetes- Its 2 types, symptoms, Effects and Treatment

Diabetes-Its 2 types,symptoms,effects and treatment


Diabetes is a severe disease in which sugar(glucose) level in blood increase to greater extent than the normal. It also happen when pancreas whose basic function is to produce insulin is unable to produce the required amount of insulin in body. Furthermore, in case of non-utilization of insulin by body can also become cause of diabetes. The percentage of individuals with diabetes is increasing day by day which is an alarming situation for all of us. Most importantly diabetes is a disease which is long-lasting.

Types of Diabetes

There are 2 Types of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

In this type of diabetes there is lack in the production of insulin by the body. It is chronic type of diabetes. In this case people suffering form type 1 diabetes have to take insulin by themselves in order to survive.

Type 2 Diabetes

In this type of diabetes there is increase in the sugar level of body. There is problem in the utilization of insulin by the body which is a hormone that regulates the glucose level of body.


Common symptoms of Diabetes are following:

  • Frequent Urination ( Again and Again)
  • Unusual Thirst
  • Becoming less active and Energetic
  • Gradual decrease in person weight ( Becoming Weak )
  • Eyesight start to become blurry
  • Process of healing of wounds become very slow


Diabetes with the passage if time start to destruct blood vessels of different organs of the body such as heart, eyes and kidney. There is a greater chance of heart and kidney failure in individuals with diabetes. Also it can effect your eyes permanently which is loosing your complete vision for lifetime which would be irrecoverable. Effects of diabetes also vary on the type of diabetes.

For example in Type 1 Diabetes eyes are mostly effected. You feel blurriness and your injuries take long and long to heal. Whereas in Type 2 Diabetes there are more chances of facing depression and heart  issues. Overall, both types of diabetes are dangerous and long lasting. Therefore, appropriate steps on time are required in order to survive.


 Type 1 Diabetes

For the treatment of type 1 diabetes you need to

Exercise Regularly

For the treatment of diabetes type 1 you need to involve yourself in physical activities such as walk and cycling daily. This would not only improve your health with regard to diabetes but also overall health.

Taking Insulin

As there is lack of production of insulin in diabetes type 1 so you need to take insulin externally as a medication. This would compensate the required amount of insulin to the body. Although it is a hectic and difficult process but you have to.

Maintaining healthy balance diet

Life is a name of balance. You need to take all things together. It means if you are doing physical exercise but you have no diet plan than there is no meaning to that walk. You also need to design a prescribed healthy diet plan in order to treat diabetes type 1. Further the most effective method of treatment is healthy diet.

Type 2 Diabetes

For the treatment of type 2 diabetes you need to ‘

Monitor your Blood Sugar: Keep a check on your sugar level and then design your intake of food accordingly.

Lose Weight :Overweight is dangerous. Therefore, you must lose weight till an adequate amount of prescribed weight by the doctor in order to treat  type 2 diabetes.

Eat Healthy :Healthy food is a blessing for any disease. Therefore, in order to fight against type 2 diabetes you need to eat healthy.

Exercise Regularly : Type 2 diabetes can be cured by becoming involved in physical activates such as jogging and climbing.


In conclusion, Diabetes is a long- lasting chronic illness that has very serious complicated effects. Although there is treatment available for it but it require utmost dedication and commitment to treat. Therefore, we all must join hands to fight against diabetes.


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