Cancer: Its 2 Popular Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment In United States

Cancer: Its 2 Popular Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment in United States

What is Cancer?

Cancer is becoming a serious threat in the United States day by day. The percentage of people dying with cancer is increasing at at very alarming level. Cancer is basically a disease in which there is an unusual and irregular growth of cells in the body. Which is further accompanied by being spread to other parts of the body.  Furthermore, these growth of cells is uncontrollable. Cancer is known as one the the largest death causing disease of today’s era.

Its Most Popular Types in United States

1.Breast Cancer

  • Introduction

Breast Cancer is one of the most frequent type of cancer found in the United States. In this type of cancer, cells of breast start to multiply at very uncontrolled speed which develops tumor. In most of the cases, Breast cancer is found in women but it is not limited to only them. Male can also be affected from Breast cancer.

  • Causes 

The causes of Breast cancer are following

  1.  Intake of Excessive alcohol : Individuals with the habit of drinking alcohol are at risk of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
  2.  Smoking :  Smoking is linked with most of the types of cancer. Therefore, use of tobacco lead to Breast Cancer.
  3. Background of Breast Cancer in Family : If someone among your family has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier there are chances of repetition again.
  4. Being Overweight: Being overweight from the prescribed body mass index is also cause of Breast Cancer.
  • Symptoms
  1.  There is an unusual growth of mass substance around your breast.
  2. There is a change in the shape of your breast that is abnormal from the past.
  3. There is a release of blood or fluid from your nipples.
  4. There is a change in the color of your breasts that is clearly different from other parts  of body.
  • Effects 

The very common effect of Breast cancer is that it can move to the other organs of your body which include your lungs and brain. This can have very severe results. There is an emotional disturbance with your closed one due to Breast Cancer.

Cancer: Its 2 Popular Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment In United States

  • Treatment

The treatment of Breast Cancer depend upon the stage of cancer. But the widely used methods for the treatment of breast cancer include surgery accompanied by Breast Reconstruction and Mastectomy. Other processes such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy can be used for the treatment of breast cancer.

2.Lung Cancer

  • Introduction

Lung cancer is defined as type of cancer in which cells in your lungs start to grow in unlimited speed which is abnormal from the normal growth. It can have very serious complications starting from disturbed health to death at final stage.

  • Causes
  1. Smoking
  2. Living in Air Pollution
  3. Long history of being Passive smoker
  4. Exposure to the Radiations
  • Symptoms
  1. Unusual losing of body weight
  2. Frustrations and Anxiety
  3. Breathing Complications
  4. Permanent coughing and chest discomfort.
  • Treatment

There are different ways of treating lung cancer. The initial way used by health experts is going for surgery. Surgery is used for patients which are at early stage of lung cancer. The second method for the treatment of lung cancer is chemotherapy is which there is killing of cancerous cells with the help of radiations. This is a continuous process which can also have negative impacts. Along these methods there is a recently developed method in which immune system is made more powerful so that it can resist again the abnormal growth of cells.


In conclusion, it is true that cancer has became saddest reality of today’s era, but our collective dedication and commitment can lead to victory against it. It is difficult but no impossible. Therefore, we all must join hands in order to live a healthy lifestyle.


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