6 Best Ways to Gain Weight !!

6 Best Ways to Gain Weight !!


Society of this present era is divided into two dilemmas either to gain weight or to lose weight. But in reality neither less weight is fine nor overweight is good for health. We need to have a balanced weight according to the body mass index. Our today’s article is for those who are under weight and want to gain some weight. Below are 6 highly effective ways by which anyone can gain weight.

1. Drink Milk : Milk is a highly enriched nutritious source of energy which is highly beneficial in gaining weight. It is full of calcium that is very important in making bones strong and gaining good weight. It also contain greater  number of calories that are essential for gaining more weight. Being a dairy product it highly recommended by health experts to those who want to gain weight.

2. Use Eggs: You must have seen people with wonderful body eating a lot of eggs. The reason behind this is that these eggs help hem to gain more weight which help them in body building. This is because eggs are full of calories and it also help in the making of protein chains which are helpful in gaining weight. Therefore, if you are one who is interested in gaining weight so you need to eat a lot of eggs.

3. Eat Rice: Rice is a great source of carbohydrate which is crucial in weight gain. Also rice is considered as highly dense food that contain a large number of calories which are necessary in gaining weight. So if you are one who is worried due to slim body with less body mass index you need to eat a lot of rice. Therefore, include rice in your daily routine diet. This would result as an effective way to gain weight.

4. Protein: Proteins are crucial source of nutrients that are highly necessary in gaining weight. The reason behind this is that they play there role in building muscle tissues which help in gaining overall mass of individuals. This is why you have seen that the body builders use protein supplements in order to gain weight because they know that the best way to build their their body is taking more and more proteins. Therefore, if you are serious about gaining your weight you should increase intake of proteins in your diet. This can also be in the form of meat such as beef etc.

5. Nuts: Different nuts such as walnuts and almonds are rich source of fiber which play vital role in gaining weight. They also improve your overall mental as well as physical health. It can also boost your calories intake which are base of gaining weight. Basically, you have to increase your calories intake in order to gain weight. So that is why different healthy sources can be used as dense form of calories intake in order to gain more weight. Lastly, nuts are also important source of proteins. So nuts should not be neglected if you are enthusiastic towards gaining your mass.


6. Drink Shakes: Shakes are delicious and easy to  drink form of energy that play a vital role in gaining weight if your under weight. This is because different shakes such as banana and dates shakes are great source of calories intake. That is why shakes help in gaining weight. Not only they help in gaining weight but also they boost up your energy level.


In conclusion, it is necessary that if you are under weight you must follow above ways in order to gain weight. But a lot of careful effort is required so that you do not become overweight which can become more complicated case for you. Because the best weight is only hat weight which is as per your body mass index.



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